How much does Air Fixx service cost?


  • how many compactor rooms are on site (where two compactors are in the same room, one system will be sufficient).
  • The size of the site (number of units impacts volume of garbage)
  • Frequency of pick-up
  • Where the compactor room is located
  • The prevailing wind direction (wind direction impacts whether odours will blow into the building or away from it).
  • whether you have scented programs (such as in the lobby, elevators, gyms, hallways, movie rooms and party rooms) and how many you want.
  • If you have a cold holding room for full bins
  • Whether residents sort and clean recycling items

What is Always Included?

Air Fixx Always Included elements

  • Free additional service visits any time you request them
  • The option to change between programs anytime
  • SAFE products:
    • our unscented program is so safe it has been approved by Health Canada for use in food processing facilities
    • our scents have been carefully developed with one priority: they must be safe. By that we mean: containing no known carcinogens, allergens, sensitizing materials, endocrine disruptors, nanomate­rials, nitrates or musks. They must also contain no endangered flora or flora that can harm the environment; and be vegan and pet friendly.

Specialty Cleaning Supplies

Factors that affect pricing and volume used

  • If cleaning is a priority 
  • How often pick-up happens
  • Board member and resident tolerance for wafting odours
  • The number of janitorial staff and supers on site (if you have many, efficiency may not be as important)
  • The age and repair of the building (this impacts the super to-do list)
  • Where the holding rooms are located
  • If garbage pick-up is inside or outside and also the prevailing wind direction
  • Where your organics collection is located, and
  • How compliant residents are about sorting and washing recycling

Pro-Active Odor Control

Simply Smells Fresh

without strong masking agents

Unscented Odor Control

for chutes, chute rooms

outside compactor rooms

Safe Toxin-Free Formulation

Luxurious, subtle ambient scents

Halls, Lobbies, Gyms, Staircases 


Supplies & Tools

Specialized for compactor areas