Cleaning Supplies

Training and Know-How

Let’s face it, most supers learn how to maintain the compactor room from their first boss. This leaves training up to luck which is too random for such an important job.  We have developed training for industry best-practices to level out the field and make it accessible to our customers in the GTA.

Knowledge Sharing

We get asked questions about cleaning, choosing cleaning products & how mood is impacted by odours every day.    The condo industry is full of people trying to share their specific knowledge for the benefit of the community as a whole. We post new articles regularly – check them out Resources.

Specialty Supplies and Tools

Cleaning the compactor rooms, chutes, bins and floors are a tough jobs done all the time.  One way to support supers is to provide products and tools developed with these specific jobs in mind.  All purpose general cleaning products can result in hours of extra scrubbing and added time and do not always work in compactor areas.

If you can help your supers do these jobs faster and with less effort, they’ll have more time and energy for building equipment issues, dealing with contractors, specific resident requests and everything else on their long to-do lists.

How did we find these products? We contacted the professionals – supers, chemists, and international industry forums. We developed and curated products and tools and then asked expert supers to make suggestions. After making adjustments we did additional testing before approving products for our line-up. 


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Pro-Active Odour Control

Air Fixx Odour Control Services

Effective and Safe Odour Management Solutions for Multi Residential Living 

Scent-Free Odour Control.

Harnesses Biological Technology 

Targets Garbage, Organic Bins

Safe Toxin-Free Formulation

Luxurious Subtle Scents

Lobbies, Gyms, Staircases

Quick Application

Saves Time and Effort

Garbage Rooms, Loading Bays

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