Discover four proven tips to keep your bins cleaner

Want to keep bins cleaner between pick-ups? A little prep can go a long way. We’re able so see first-hand how supers deal with this issue – and they’re happy to share their knowledge.

Proven tips to keep bins cleaner

The first tip is for buildings with outdoor pick-up

The first proven tip for keeping bins cleaner is for buildings with outdoor pick-up. Keep the full bins indoors until right before pick up. In the summer this reduces the amount the garbage heats up which in turn reduces smells. However, in the winter, this makes a big difference. This is because any liquid in the bins falls to the bottom of the bin. This can freeze if left out in cold winter temperatures. Once that liquid is frozen it will get stuck in the bin and not tip into the truck.  Then, the only way to clean it is to melt it and scrape afterwards.  Leaving the bins inside until just before it is dumped prevents this from freezing, letting all the garbage leave with the truck.

Dry the bins well


The second tip for cleaner bins is to dry the bins thoroughly before putting them away. You can also use granular in the bottom of the bins to absorb some of the liquid. This can also help if your bins have far to travel in the parking lot on the way outside as it reduces the odours from drips on the ground.

Re-purpose some of the recycling

The third trick to keeping the bins clean between pick-ups is to use some cardboard to line the bottom of it. Use a folded box of cardboard – there is no lack of that these days….  This acts as a barrier to the liquid getting on the bottom of the bin and causing issues.  The cardboard with absorb most of the slurry.  Some supers put a layer of clean plastic bag below the cardboard. This helps to keep the slurry off the bin, reduces the drips on the way up to the loading area and helps to dump the cardboard with the garbage.


Limit rust

The fourth and last trick is to prevent rust as much as possible and fix it as needed. After washing bins, leave them to dry completely (this is easier outside) before lining them. This helps to prevent rust. Rust is an issue because it is uneven and debris sticks to it more easily. Also, it grows where it has started. If you have some rust spots you can get rust paint from a hardware store and paint the rust areas with the rust paint to prevent it from growing. If you have a lot of rust everywhere, you may need to send the bins out for repair or get new ones.

For more information on how to clean bins see How to clean garbage bins: stop stink, reduce germs and for information on choosing a degreaser read:  evaluating degreasers: what you need to know

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