Scents…three things you want and the scary ones you don’t

What you want

Scent can create a welcoming environment for residents and guests – particularly if it is light enough to be perceived, not announced.  Scents can also get rid of some less expected odours such as such as pet, personal and cooking odours.

What you REALLY don't want

When we first looked into providing scented products to our customers we went to industry wholesalers and found some wonderful and fresh-smelling products. However, as with all things, we looked at the SDS sheets before buying any. It was really surprising: some products on the market have toxicity and fertility warnings!  Producers assured us it was because of SDS “legal requirements” and that once dispersed these were in minute quantities.  Really?? I mean really? …would you handle these? Would you ask employees to risk it? Should residents have any exposure?  The answer is pretty simple: No.

You don't need to be a rocket scientist to care about safety

Many people are seriously looking for fertility options. Health issues are paramount when one isn’t well. So, We started to research options. We figured that there are many beautiful products out there so finding ones that are SAFE and environmentally friendly as well should not be an impossible challenge.

We worked with scientists to create lists:

Of what we want

  • Great scents
  • Safe
  • Vegan
what we don't want

What we (and our clients and residents) DON’T want:

  • Known or suspected allergens,
  • Known or suspected toxins
  • musks,
  • Known, suspected or possible endocrine disruptors
  • Sensitising materials
  • Nanomaterials
  • Nitrates
  • Carcinogens
  • Endangered or invasive species


We worked with our PhD partners to find products that have what we want, and don’t have the other ingredients.  The result? “CongiScents” since we have knowledge, realization and perception that scents should not contain harmful elements, just good ones.

We keep looking for new information

Further study led us to finding ANSES, the French Agency for Food, Occupational Health and Safety, a public organization reporting to the government. They study risks a person may be exposed to during their life (leisure, work, diet and at all stages of their life). They have three focuses: animal health, food safety and plant health. In 2021 they published a list of 902 substances that either have:

  1. already been linked to harmful effects
  2. those that they are suspected of having harmful effects, and
  3. those for future because study since there may be a possible link.

We reviewed our products to ensure none of these elements are in our scents. Keeping our products as safe as possilbe is one of our core values.

Your health and those around you is too important. 

Please read SDS sheets before selecting any scents for your building.


Pro-Active Odor Control