Stories from the Compactor Room

by Chuck Garneau, B. Math, OLCM, RCM The Compactor Room sees garbage, lots of garbage. But every so often it sees something different.                 The resident came to my office pleading for help.  He had dropped his fiancé’s $30,000 engagement ring down the garbage chute. He wanted me to find it. I was not about […]

Safety in the Compactor Room – PPE Essentials

gloves, googgles, PPE

Personal Protective Equipment in the compactor room is important – but what is needed and how can you increase useage? Hazard identification and the SDS sheets are a good place to start. This covers tips and tricks to navigate this issue and improve safety.

How to clean a garbage room floor: improve safety and stop reek

Clean floor

Reasons for cleaning the floor Cleaning the floor in the compactor room is important for the upkeep of the building. It protects the surface, reduces bacteria, reduces rodents, limits trip and fall hazards. Of course it also stops odours that go up the chute. For more about cleaning read Discover Why the Chute Room Smells Disgusting… […]

How can we clean more often?

cleaning a floor

Why are some rooms clean, smell free and germ free? How can we all do this? We asked the experts: supers. Frequency of cleaning and developing schedules helps

Is there a link between bad smells and mood?

Are bad smells linked to unpleasant thoughts? Smell sense and the brain Smell is a powerful sense, it is connected right in the middle of the brain.  The two main areas that the sense of smell is processed is in the Amygdala (the area in charge of memories and emotional responses) and the Hippocampus (responsible […]